Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting. Given the latitudinal and longitudinal co-ordinates, participants use their GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to locate the hidden "cache", a small box with a logbook to record their visit. Geocaching is a great family activity that provides excitement, exercise, and fresh air.

Geocaching provides you with an opportunity to learn about the unique natural and cultural heritage of a national historic site at your own pace. The geocaches at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site tell the story of this 19th century marvel of engineering. Whether this is your first visit or you have been to the site many times, this challenging adventure will make you see Sault Ste. Marie Canal in a brand new light and confirm it as one of Canada’s national treasures.

Find out how you can participate in Parks Canada's Heritage Hide'n'Seek Geocache Series in northern Ontario.

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