Lockage, mooring and camping permits are available for sale to boaters at most lock stations, online or by calling 1-888-773-8888. Vessel length is used to calculate lockage and mooring fees. Charges for overnight camping are based on group size, or camping is free with the purchase of a mooring permit.

  • Seasonal Lockage Permit – Allows passage through any number of locks throughout the entire navigation season.
  • Six-Day Permit – Allows passage through any number of locks on any six days.
  • One-Day Permit – Allows passage through any number of locks in one day.
  • Single Lockage and Return Permit – The fee charged to travel through and then return by the same lock station.
  • Transit Permit – Allows the boater to travel through the Rideau Canal in one direction only (a one-time transit where vessels go through each lock station only once).

Mooring and camping space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Possession of a valid mooring permit is necessary to moor a vessel overnight at a lock station or bridge station but does not guarantee a docking space. Vessel owners wishing to moor overnight at lock and bridge stations should check in with lock staff upon arrival.

Boaters are also responsible for the care of their vessels during the mooring period. Vessels should not be left unattended for long periods of time. Check out time in the morning is 11:00 a.m. Boaters must leave the wharf area (wall) by 11:00 a.m. the day following the last permitted mooring night.

Mooring periods on the Rideau Canal, boaters may stay for 2 nights (48 hrs.), unless otherwise posted or indicated by lock staff.

Blue lines are often used for additional mooring spaces following the day's last lockage. However, boaters must move their vessels off the blue line before the lock opens the next day.

Rafting of vessels is only permitted at lock and bridge stations from the close of navigation for the day to opening the next morning. Boaters on the wall are not required to accept rafting. Rafted vessels are charged the same mooring fee as vessels on the wall.

Vessels having reached the maximum length of stay cannot return to the same wharf or wall for 24 hours, unless directed otherwise by lock staff. 

Vessels towing a boat (aluminum, fiberglass, rubber dingy or personal watercraft) regardless of size, with or without an engine, will require a lockage permit for the towed craft. A mooring permit for a towed vessel is also a requirement 

Vessels 12ft and under are charged a 12ft minimum rate for all permits.

Payment may be made by cash, by personal cheque with proper identification or with Visa/Mastercard.

Permits are valid only during the year of issue and are not transferable or refundable.

Seasonal lockage, mooring or transit decals must be affixed to the vessel. Other permits must be available for verification or validation by lock staff.

Seasonal overnight mooring permits are also valid for use at St. Lawrence Islands National Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park and Fathom Five Marine Park (boaters using a campsite must also pay a camping fee).