Laurier House bucket list

Interested in peering into the secret lives of two former Prime Ministers at a stately mansion in the heart of Ottawa?  

Visitors to Laurier House National Historic Site can time travel back to defining moments in Canada’s history. An authentic Canadian experience, Laurier House is the former home of two great Canadian Prime Ministers: Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King. Today, knowledgeable Parks Canada staff bring to life the stories of these two Canadian leaders who helped shape this country.   

Enjoy some of our top 5 activities happening at Laurier House this summer:

Staff lead two visitors through historic rooms

1. Join our daily guided tour called Two Prime Ministers, One Home to admire an authentic collection of antiques and to relive the country’s history through anecdotes and untold stories about Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King. 

Photos of cartoons on a wall 

2. Visit the special exhibit called Canada at War and Peace: Political Cartoons and Landscapes of Josh Silburt. On display from May to September, this exhibit presents original artwork by Josh Silburt and is curated by his son Allan Silburt. 

A family explores a historic kitchen with a costumed staff memeber.

3. Explore an authentic homefront kitchen during the Second World War as a 1940s costumed housewife welcomes you in for a chat about rationing, her work at the factory, and her worries for friends and family at war.

A girl lays on the grass looking at her xplorers booklet.

4. Go on a Historical Treasure Hunt: Children learn about the historic house through a Parks Canada Xplorers activity where they complete a series of challenges throughout their visit to earn a reward.


5. Escape the Kitchen! The Second World War is raging, as the prime ministers staff, your challenge is to solve the puzzles, encode the clues, and find the ingredients needed to complete King’s important dinner party.