The Kingston Fortifications consist of Murney, Shoal and Cathcart Towers, Fort Henry, and Fort Frederick.  

These complex stone structures are more than 150 years old and require regular maintenance and repair.   Parks Canada engineers and contractors are working to repair the defensive works to provide long-term stability and maintain the heritage fabric of the structures.  Here at Fort Henry projects are addressing the main redoubt arched walls and the masonry walls of the dry ditches using a combination of repointing, dutchman repairs, and full stone replacement.  If you look around the fortifications you'll see some stones have metal plugs with a date stamp, these stones are replacement stones and are marked to show they are not part of the original fortification.  These date stamps will help engineers gauge how well their repairs hold-up to the test of time but will also serve to form part of the heritage of the fort itself.  Knowing what areas were repaired when will help tell the story of today's restoration work for generations to come.