The management plan is a strategic guide for future management of a national park. It is required by legislation, guided by public consultation, approved by the Minister responsible for Parks Canada. It is the primary public accountability document for each historic site.

As a strategic and long-term guide, a management plan establishes a vision looking 10 or more years into the future. Its primary goal is to ensure that there is a clearly defined direction and to guide appropriate use. Direction is also described for heritage presentation programs, which are recognized as a fundamental means for achieving both protection and use objectives.

Next Steps for HMCS Haida National Historic Site 

At HMCS Haida, we are currently preparing a new management plan that will guide our vision for the site into the future. Once the plan is drafted, we will hold stakeholder and public consultations – stay tuned for more information on dates to be posted in early 2020.

For comments or inquiries regarding the management plan, please contact us:

Mailing Address
HMCS Haida National Historic Site
57 Discovery Dr
Hamilton ON  L8L 8K4

Site Address:
HMCS Haida National Historic Site
Pier 9, 658 Catharine St N
Hamilton ON  L8L 8K4