Canada's treasured natural and historic places will be a living legacy, connecting hearts and minds to a stronger, deeper understanding of the very essence of Canada.

Parks Canada is...

  • A nationally recognized and Trusted brand
  • 21 million visitors and 3.3 million website hits annually
  • Canada's #1 Tourism Provider
  • Named 2007/2008 Business of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Fort George National Historic Site is...

  • Part of a system of national treasures
  • A place that played host to defining moments in Canada's history
  • Where the compelling stories of the War of 1812 are brought to life
  • An authentic and unique experience for your corporate event!

Authentic and Unique

  • Fort George - a national treasure like no other
  • Passionate and dedicated staff will inspire our guests
  • Truly memorable experiences that last a lifetime

Real. Inspiring.

  • Discover the sounds, smells and tastes of history
  • Step back in time and forget the modern world
  • Break from the traditional corporate event venue and experience a different world

Corporate Packaging Opportunities

  • Flexible program options ranging from basic to the exclusive
  • Customizable packages to meet your specific client needs
  • Access to knowledgeable staff to enhance the corporate experience
  • Ability to accommodate any size group - from small corporate functions to Gala size events!

Do you need more information?

For further information on Corporate Programming:

Scott Finlay
Corporate Programming Coordinator
Niagara National Historic Sites