August 17 & 18, 2019

Join us for the 20th annual Fife & Drum Muster and Soldiers' Field Day! Fife and drum corps and infantry units from historic sites across Canada and the United States will converge on Fort George, showcasing the military music and drills of the early 19th century. This weekend-long event has become an annual tradition at Fort George, and is packed with firepower demonstrations, music and entertainment.

Come cheer on the soldiers you think will win this fierce competition! Trophies are awarded to the soldier who can load and fire the fastest and to the best infantry group. Infantry groups are judged on the manual of arms, manual of arms on the march, marching and wheeling, and the perfect volley competition.

Annual Soldiers’ Field Day Trophy Winners

2018: 41st Grenadiers Fort George
  • Sgt. Joel Petriello
  • Cpl. Koldin Collie
  • L.cpl. Connor Hassan
  • L cpl. Matthew Grinbergs
  • L.cpl. Maxwell Beaudoin
  • Pte. Rebecca Trotman
  • Pte. Friesen Christopher
  • Pte. Malcolm Cavanagh
  • Pte. Libby Post
  • Pte. Caleb Crawford
  • Pte. Patrick Hassan
  • Pte. Kevin Nolan
  • Pte. Ethan Gardiner
  • Pte. Jacob Bell
  • Pte. Owen Demers

Fastest load:

  • Pte. Malcolm Cavanagh


2017: 41st Grenadiers Fort George
  • Sgt Joel Petriello
  • Cpl. Rob Kuehnen
  • L.cpl. Koldin Collie
  • L.cpl. Piers Spagnolo
  • Pte. Noah Hildebrandt
  • Pte. Max Beaudoin
  • Pte. Connor Hassan
  • Pte. Conner Gibbs
  • Pte. Chris Friesen
  • Pte. Shealin Murray
  • Pte. Rebecca Trotman
  • Pte. Malcolm Cavanagh
  • Pte. Caleb Crawford
  • Pte. Matthew Grinbergs
  • Pte. Libby Post

Fastest Load: 10 Seconds

  • L.cpl. Connor Hassan, Fort George


2016: Canadian Fencibles Fort York
  • Sgt. Conran Cosgrove
  • Cpl. Pierce Cosgrove
  • L.cpl. Mike Locksley
  • L.cpl. Marieke Pynn-Coates
  • Pte. Hunter Kell
  • Pte. Gabriel Bissell
  • Pte. Aileen Gardiner
  • Pte. Matthew Lloyd
  • Pte. Harris Bailey
  • Pte. Owen Cranston
  • Pte. Alexander McKenzie

Fastest load: 10 Seconds

  • L.cpl. Koldin Collie, Fort George
  • Pte. Noah Hildebrandt, Fort George


2015: Canadian Fencibles Fort York
  • Sgt. Conran Cosgrove
  • Cpl. Patrick Jenish
  • L.cpl. Pierce Cosgrove
  • L.cpl. Mike Locksley
  • L.cpl. Marieke Pynn-Coates
  • Pte. Hunter Kell
  • Pte. Gabriel Bissell
  • Pte. Aileen Gardiner
  • Pte. Chloe Edlitz
  • Pte. Megan Ferguson
  • Pte. Matthew Lloyd

Fastest Load: 12 seconds

  • Cpl. Peter Mitchell, Fort George
  • Sgt. Sam Stark, Fort Erie
2014: 41st Grenadiers Fort George
  • Sgt. Joel Petriello
  • Cpl. Fraser Miller
  • L.cpl. Luca Petriello
  • Pte. Jon Vaantaja
  • Pte. Patrick Foster
  • Pte. Calvin Hildebrandt
  • Pte. Grace Bannerman
  • Pte. Calvin Ferguson
  • Pte. Noah Hildebrandt
  • Pte. Rob Kuehnen
  • Pte. Mostafa Eltom
  • Pte. Koldin Collie
  • Pte. Joshua Robbins

Fastest Load: 12 seconds

  • Sgt. Joel Petriello, Fort George
  • Patrick Jennish, Fort York
  • Joel Bondy, Fort Malden


2013: Canadian Fencibles Fort York
  • Colour Sgt. Mark Riches
  • Sgt. Cameron Anderson
  • L.cpl Samantha Horne
  • Pte. Conran Cosgrove
  • Pte. Pierce Cosgrove
  • Pte. Wesley Cranston
  • Pte. Benjamin Cutmore
  • Pte. Laura Cutmore
  • Pte. Patrick Jenish
  • Pte. Michael Liness
  • Pte .Michael Locksley-Hebib
  • Pte. Phillip Owen-Scott
  • Pte. Marieke Pynn-Coates

Firing Elimination: 12 seconds

  • Aaron Speare, Fort George
  • Cpl. P. Mitchell, Fort George
  • Mike Dorcas, Fort Erie


2012: 41st Lights Fort George
  • Sgt. Erin Ronfeld
  • Cpl. Christina Borys
  • L.cpl. Colin Vendromin
  • L.cpl. Adam Hutchinson
  • Pte. Trevor Reece
  • Pte. Griff Tiidus
  • Pte. Branden Pacewski
  • Pte. Adeline Huffman
  • Pte. Larissa Borys
  • Pte. Joanna Richardson
  • Pte. Michael Steip
  • Pte. Kurtis Crawford
  • Pte. Corwan Groux
  • Pte. Ben Cobb
  • Pte. Bryan Rudling
  • Pte. Justice Mercier

Firing Elimination: 11 seconds

  • Sam Stark, Fort Erie
  • Cpl, Christina Borys, Fort George
  • L.cpl. Colin Vendromin, Fort George
  • Pte. Brendan Pacewski, Fort George


2011: Canadian Fencibles Fort York
  • L.Sgt. Ian Liness
  • Cpl. Matthew Wrigglesworth
  • L.cpl. Cameron Crawley
  • L.cpl. Seth Hunter
  • Pte. Adrienne Boyd
  • Pte. Michael Liness
  • Pte. Samantha Horne
  • Pte. Cameron Anderson
  • Pte. Daniel Arron
  • Pte. Conran Cosgrove
  • Pte. Patrick Jenish
  • Pte. Wesley Cranston
  • Pte. Simon Li
  • Pte. Tristan Sedgewick
  • Pte. Alex Schaffter
  • Pte. Colin Kelly
  • Pte. Ryan Palkowski

Fastest load: 12 seconds

  • Pte. Patrick Jenish, Fort York