Step outside the earthworks of Fort George and follow a path that peels back the layers of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s history. Beyond the Gates is a leisurely 2.5 kilometre stroll through 250 years of British Canadian military and First Nations’ experiences brought to life with landmarks, plaques and interpretive displays. Cross the wide-open Commons cleared by the British to better spot their enemy during the War of 1812. Imagine thousands of First Nations gathered for treaty council meetings around the former Indian Council House, a kind of cross-cultural, 18th century embassy. Flash forward 100 years and imagine First World War soldiers training on the Commons before being shipped overseas to fight. Quicken your pace and surround yourself by military buildings used during the War of 1812, First and Second World Wars and the Korean Conflict. Enjoy the peaceful landscape of Carolinian forest as you venture farther beyond the gates and loop back into the past walking by the Niagara River towards Fort George.

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Year round. 7 days a week.

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