A line of British soldiers stands at attention as their Sergeant at Fort George explains the intricacies of the powerful Brown Bess musket used in the War of 1812. On command, the soldiers handle cartridges of black powder from their cartouches and ram down the round to the breach of the barrel with ramrods. Raising their weapons in unison, they fire with a flash of flames and a deafening blast, the air filling with clouds of black powder. While the demonstration is heart-stopping to witness, it’s an even more exhilarating experience to get your Hands on History - buttoning into a redcoat, slipping on a tall military hat,and loading and firing a musket yourself, feeling the recoil punch into your shoulder and the bang at your ear – for a moment, you'll feel like a soldier from two centuries ago.

Experience Date

Musket demonstrations at Fort George are offered year-round. Hands on History is available every weekend throughout May and June, and regularly throughout the week in July and August.

Fee: $10.80 per person

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