Bellevue House National Historic Site is the only Parks Canada place solely dedicated to exploring the legacy of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Confederation, Canadian institutions created by Macdonald, and policies enacted by his Government continue to touch and influence the everyday lives of Canadian’s to this day. Macdonald’s vision of Canada excluded many. Women, Indigenous People, and ethnic minorities were not included. The stories of Canada’s history are filled with moments that helped define the Canadian values we share today. When we contemplate this history, we can celebrate these moments of greatness and triumph, but, we must also recognise the complex and challenging instances that are also woven into our fabric; the choices and events that created painful and lasting impacts which continue to reverberate. By helping visitors learn more about how Macdonald shaped the governance of Canada, Bellevue House offers Canadians the opportunity to question convention and make conscious choices about our future, and who we choose to be going forward together in our great country.