Baluster - short pillar with curving outline, helping to support a rail.
Balustrade - railing system comprised of a handrail and balusters found along the edge of a balcony.
Bargeboard or Vergeboard
Bargeboard or Vergeboard - board or ornamental screen along the edge of a gable.
Casement Window
Casement Window - window on a vertically hinged frame which swings either inwards or outwards.
Cornice - on the interior, an ornamental moulding just below ceiling.
Dentils - a series of wooden pieces attached to the edge of the eaves.
Fascia - a long flat horizontal surface of wood or stone under eaves or cornice.
Finial - an ornament on the top of a roof or the corner of a tower. At Bellevue, it is located on the peak of the tower.
French Door
French Door (window) - glazed door in an outside wall, serving as a window and a door.
Gable - the enclosing lines of a sloping roof (like an upside down "V").
Hip or Hipped Roof
Hip or Hipped Roof - a roof with ends as well as sides inclined such as on the Bellevue tower.
Massed Chiminey
Massed Chiminey - a chiminey in which several different flues are grouped together.
Marquee Roof
Marquee Roof - a canopy which juts out to protect a lower structure such as a balcony or entrance.
Pilaster - a rectangular feature of pillar shape which projects slightly from the wall surface.
Skirting Board
Skirting Board - a board along the bottom of room walls.
Stucco - plaster or cement used for coating wall surfaces or for moulding into architectural decorations.
Wooden Base Moulding
Wooden Base Moulding - the strips of painted wood found near ground level which separate the plain limestone from the stucco covered limestone above.

all photographs ©Parks Canada / Kim Burke except Hip or Hipped roof ©Parks Canada / SpyCam