Franklin exploration 2019: guided tour of HMS Terror (video)

Now that both HMS Erebus and HMS Terror have been found, the ongoing work for Parks Canada underwater archaeologists, Inuit knowledge-holders and other experts revolves around researching, documenting and preserving the ship wrecks. Because of the Arctic environment, this will be one of the most challenging underwater archaeological excavations ever conducted in Canada.

A new Parks Canada excavation support barge named Qiniqtiryuaq arrived in Gjoa Haven in 2017. This barge is now used side-by-side with Parks Canada’s newly-acquired ship RV David Thompson.

Finding the ships in 2014 and 2016 concluded the over 150 year search for them, but it opened up an ocean’s worth of questions that Parks Canada and Inuit researchers and their partners hope to start answering over the next 5 years.

Explorations and discoveries


The discovery of HMS Erebus and Terror would not have been possible without the support, advice and knowledge shared so generously by Inuit of Nunavut. Parks Canada also acknowledges the contribution of various project partners over the years.

Conservation of the wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror is the focus for Parks Canada, the Government of Nunavut and designated Inuit organizations. The Government of Canada is committed to engaging Nunavut communities in the Franklin project and related initiatives over the long-term.

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