Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site is a 0.78-hectare (about one acre) site within the 75-hectare (185-acre) municipal Point Pleasant Park, located at the southern tip of the Halifax Peninsula.

While there are several other remains of historic shore defences within the park, Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site is the only one designated as a national historic site.

The interior of the Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site has been closed to the public for the past several years, and there is some public interest in it being reopened.

The site is periodically opened for special events, and the grounds, with existing exterior interpretive panels, are suitable for informal or organized alternative uses.

The Parks Canada Agency Act requires Parks Canada to prepare a management plan for national historic sites administered by the Agency. This plan provides guidance for the management of five national historic sites that collectively make up the Halifax Defence Complex: Halifax Citadel, Georges Island, Fort McNab, Prince of Wales Tower, and York Redoubt national historic sites.