Why not visit Port-Royal this year?

Did you know that Port-Royal was one of the earliest European settlements on this continent? In the summer of 1605, French explorers built a settlement on a beautiful river basin near the present town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The soil was fertile and the natural surroundings plentiful with fish and game.

The Mi’kmaq, who have lived in the region for thousands of years, welcomed the men and shared their vast knowledge of the resources that their territory offered. While only in existence a few years, the settlement, and what it accomplished, proved to be a model for future exploration of the continent.

Let your imagination soar as you discover what life was like in this French colony in 1605.
  • Chat with a Mi’kmaw interpreter as they share their knowledge of the Mi’kmaq way of life. See a display of birch bark used for canoes, a wigwam, moose calls, tanned moose hides used for cloaks, clothing and moccasins.

  • Join an interpreter in singing and drumming a Mi’kmaw song.

  • Meet a costumed interpreter who will share their knowledge of the early history of the settlement as well as the social and commercial aspects of life at Port-Royal. 
  • Discover the type of food that was prepared for the Order of Good Cheer, view the clothing that was worn, the classes of people present, the fur trade, voyages of exploration, the friendship and alliance with the Mi’kmaq and the reconstruction of the site.

  • Witness demonstrations on the techniques used to construct the Habitation such as wood-turning on a spring pole lathe, joining  timbers with wooden pegs using mortise, tenon and peg construction and hand splitting and shaving wooden shingles.

Through presentations, demonstrations and exploration you will gain a greater appreciation for this very special place in Canadian history.
  • Follow an interpretive trail around the Habitation. Learn more about the Mi’kmaq, site reconstruction, the Order of Good Cheer and the harbour at Port-Royal.
  • Bring a lunch to enjoy at a table in the picnic area or spread a blanket on land overlooking the water while imagining sailing ships coming up the river.
  • Snap a selfie from the Red Chairs and share your images on social media with #PortRoyal and #sharethechair.
  • Preserve and Protect the Habitation for future generations. Major restoration work will be completed this year on the roofs, the palisade and the cannon platform. 


Capacity is limited so all groups must reserve ahead of time to secure their space. A reservation will help avoid congestion and potential delays as well as ensure a smooth and pleasant visit. To reserve your visit, contact us.


These programs showcase the very best Canada has to offer – telling stories of who we are, including the history, cultures and contributions of Indigenous peoples. A small fee is charged to help cover a portion of the costs of delivering these programs.

School program fees:

  • Option 1: $2.90 per person (up to 25 students)
  • Option 2: $73.60 (26 – 45 students)
  • Additional interpreter: $73.60 (for larger groups that must be divided)
  • Teachers, chaperones and assistants: FREE
  • Call for pricing details

Forms of payment: school cheque made payable to "The Receiver General for Canada", credit or debit card, or cash on the day of the field trip. 

Have the following information ready when you reserve: 

  • Preferred dates and times 
  • Grade level and number of students 
  • Email address, and phone number  
  • Language of program: Request service in English or French. The Mi’kmaw component of the program in available in English only.