Plan to spend an hour visiting the Table Head site, situated on a plateau above high cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. The strategic location on Cape Breton Island's east coast was once isolated from the town of Glace Bay, ensuring less risk of electrical interference with the equipment. You’ll find the site just 5 minutes from town, a 5.5-hour drive from Halifax and a 30-minute drive from Sydney.

Getting here


15 Timmerman Street
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
B1A 5M7

The site is located at 15 Timmerman Street, on Table Head in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

Take Route 4 from Sydney to Glace Bay (23 km or 14 mi). Driving time is 30 minutes.

Or take scenic Route 255, the Marconi Trail, from Louisbourg (51 km or 32 mi). Driving time is one hour.

The site is located on five acres of the spectacular and rugged eastern coastline of Cape Breton Island. Table Head site is an extensive, barren promontory jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. The grounds are bounded by 18 metre (60 ft) cliffs.

Hours of operation

July 1 to September 5, 2022
Open daily, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Plan to spend 30 minutes to see the exhibits at the visitor centre and the remains of the Table Head station.

Free admission.

Facilities and services

Ample free parking is available for cars, buses and recreational vehicles. Public washrooms are available in the visitor centre. Washrooms are wheelchair accessible. There are no public telephones on site.

Services for visitors with disabilities

The visitor centre is wheelchair accessible. The walkway to the tower base is wheelchair accessible under most conditions.

Quick facts

  • Marconi sent the first message across the Atlantic using electromagnetic waves instead of wires.
  • Table Head, Glace Bay was chosen as transmission site, for its elevated flat expanse and unobstructed view out over the Atlantic.
  • The historic site features the remnants of Marconi's transmission towers, exhibits and a modern amateur radio station.
  • Marconi shared the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physics with K. Ferdinand Braun.