Coffee Bar - Serving up a slice of history!

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

The scent is unmistakable. It’s freshly brewed coffee, and the aroma alone is enough to perk you up. Follow it and you’ll find the Halifax Citadel Coffee Bar and Soldier’s Library - a warm, welcoming café with a distinctly 19th century flavour.

Tucked away in the historic Cavalier Building of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, this used to be the library for the soldiers of the 78th Highland Regiment. Today it’s transformed into a cozy, relaxing space where tasty refreshments are the order of the day. And the only hint of its past life is the books that line the shelves.

Come in. Take a seat. Enjoy one of our light, delightful lunches, or our delicious home-style sweets. The Halifax Citadel Coffee Bar is open daily from May 7 to October 31 to serve you.

Coffee bar menu


Turkey club
Ciabatta/ turkey breast/ herb, sun-dried tomato thyme and cranberry spread / honey bacon/ lettuce / Jarlsberg cheese / tomato jam

Herbed chicken breast 
Chicken breast / dill and lemon aioli / lettuce / tomatoes / crispy onion strings / Monterey Jack cheese

Roast beef
Rosemary, sea salt focaccia / roast beef / horseradish and stone-ground mustard aioli with Boursin cheese / gherkin / crispy onion strings/ tomato jam

Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese
Quinoa grain bread / Black Forest ham / honey mustard spread / dill pickles / Swiss cheese

Mediterranean vegetable wrap
Spinach wrap / chick pea puree / feta cheese / basil pesto tomato jam / crispy lentil / crispy onion


Soup of the day


Cookies (chocolate chip / white chocolate macadamia nut / ginger molasses)
Assorted muffins
Cinnamon rolls
Tea biscuits
Scones (cinnamon / blueberry)
Assorted squares
Pecan tarts


Coffee (Regular / decaf)
Tea (Brewed tea / speciality tea)
Hot chocolate

Water (Dasani / Evian / SmartWater)
Sparkling water
Vitamin water (assorted flavours)
Juice (assorted flavours)
Iced Tea (assorted flavours)
Monster Energy


The Perfect Picnic at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

Our twist on "take-out": Everything tastes better when you eat it outside! So go ahead—let nature design your dining space and take your meal out.

Stay inside the historic British fort and take your seat on the Cavalier porch bench for a front row view of the 78th soldiers preforming their drill, or sit along the grassy ramparts behind the North Magazine, high above the city, and ponder what life was really like for the soldiers and their families garrisoned here in the 19th century.

Outside the fort’s stone walls, Citadel Hill provides amazing cityscape views as well as some shaded areas, perfect for a relaxing picnic in the center of a bustling city!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Place your order at the Coffee Bar
2. Choose to take your lunch ‘out’
3. Find your perfect picnic place at the Halifax Citadel and enjoy!

Note, no pre-ordering required, supplies and selection may be limited.

Halifax Citadel Perfect Picnic Place Locations:

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

We have identified four special areas for visitors to consider for their picnic. These locations are easily identified on the postcard that accompanies their meal.  Guests can choose to have their lunch packed in a special limited issue Parks Canada branded Picnic box or not – it’s their choice.

1. Grassy ramparts behind the North Magazine

2. On the hillside of Citadel Hill with a view of the cityscape/waterfront and Town Clock

3. On the hillside of Citadel Hill overlooking the Garrison Grounds.

4. Bench on the Cavalier Porch or Balcony

Visitors should be reminded to leave no trace and to please use waste receptacles where available.


Regimental Shop - Souvenirs, gifts and more!

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

Step inside the Halifax Citadel Regimental Shop and you’ll find a little piece of history waiting for you. In fact, you’ll find a treasure trove of items celebrating Halifax’s proud military heritage, from t-shirts and ornaments to books and postcards.

The Regimental Shop is open daily from May to October. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Interac debit payments.

The Halifax Citadel Society runs the Regimental Shop, and proceeds from all sales support the living history program at the Halifax Citadel.


Coffee Bar and Regimental Shop Manager - (902) 423-0907