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Five images: Fort McNab National Historic Site, Georges Island National Historic Site, Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site, York Redoubt National Historic Site and Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

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Halifax Defence Complex Management Plan, 2020.

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Note to readers
The health and safety of visitors, employees and all Canadians are of the utmost importance. Parks Canada is following the advice and guidance of public health experts to limit the spread of COVID-19 while allowing Canadians to experience Canada’s natural and cultural heritage.

Parks Canada acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic may have unforeseeable impacts on the Halifax Citadel, Georges Island, Fort McNab, Prince of Wales Tower and York Redoubt National Historic Sites of Canada Management Plan. Parks Canada will inform Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the public of any such impacts through its annual implementation update on the implementation of this plan.

For more information about the management plan or about Halifax Citadel, Georges Island, Fort McNab, Prince of Wales Tower, or York Redoubt National Historic Sites of Canada:

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