Dare to be Scared at the Halifax Citadel


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Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. [A guide dressed in historic uniform lights a candle in an old-fashioned lantern.]

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. [A candlelit lantern hangs above a stone entranceway. The word "CITADEL" is engraved in the stone above the entrance.]

[Visitors follow guide dressed in historic uniform through the Halifax Citadel Parade Square in the late evening - all are holding lit lanterns.]

[Visitors follow the guide as he points to something in the distance - all are holding lit lanterns. The Halifax Citadel Cavelier building can be seen in the background.]

[Visitors follow the guide through the Halifax Citadel at night while still holding their lit lanterns.]

[The guide gestures around a brick room while talking to the visitors. A canon sits in the back of the room.]

[A close up of the guide's face as he holds a lantern close and is speaking to the visitors.]

[A close up of the lanterns and visitors' faces while they listen intently to the guide.]

[The guide laughs as he closes the large door to the fort. Screen fades to black.]

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The Citadel gate swings open to reveal a tour guide in full period uniform standing on the drawbridge holding a glowing lantern aloft in the deepening twilight. He silently beckons for you to follow him across the drawbridge, through the arched stone gate and into the darkness of the fourth fortification to stand on Citadel Hill since 1749.

You stay close to your guide, descending by candlelight through dimly lit passageways toward shadowy inner chambers. Breathlessly anticipating what sinister apparition might lurk around each corner, you pass through ditches, along cobblestone alleys and over eerie ramparts. Then descend into dark tunnels toward prison cells that once housed hapless soldiers convicted of minor offences.

You’re on a nocturnal journey into the haunted history of Halifax Citadel that recounts many a ghost story, tales of the unexplained, and all recounted in chilling detail.

Public tours

Dates and times:

Friday, July 8, 2022 to Saturday, November 5, 2022.

Most Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

For upcoming dates and availability, please check Eventbrite or call 902-426-1990.

8:30 pm (tours last 70 minutes).

Meet at the front entrance kiosk.

Tours operate rain or shine, but may be cancelled due to severe weather.


Public tours are offered in English only.

Private group tours are offered year-round in English and in French.

Purchase Tickets:

There are two ways to buy tickets:

  1. Purchase tickets in advance on the EventBrite website. Online ticket sales close at 4 pm the day of the ghost tour. Fees: $19.45 per person.
  2. Purchase tickets at the kiosk from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, subject to availability that night. Fees: $17.24 per person.

Private group tours

Private group tours are offered year-round. 

Language: Private group tours are offered year-round in English and in French.

Booking Information: For more information or to book a private tour, call 902-426-1990 or email bookings@halifaxcitadel.ca.