Step back in time and explore the impressive Halifax Citadel with a tour guide dressed in historic clothing. This complimentary guided tour is a great place to start your exploration of the many period rooms, exhibits, films, and different perspectives on the history of Halifax.

Learn about the fascinating history of the four successive versions of this fort and the role the Halifax Citadel played in the protection of the British Naval Base and development of the city.

Hear accounts of daily life in 1869 from a soldier and his family as you tour the Guard Room, Tailor Shop, Defensive Ditch, Barracks, and more.


Tours start at the Visitor Information Centre


Tours run regularly throughout the day from May to October. Check the daily schedule posted at the Visitor Information Centre for times.


45 to 60 minutes


Free with admission

Experience Halifax Citadel


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music (no narration)

An Aerial shot of the citadel with the title “Halifax Citadel National Historic Site”.

We see a group of four young adults walking.

Follow by a shot of a soldier standing still.

The young adults try to distract the soldier but he stay still and focus.

Then, the group is running to go inside the citadel.

Once inside, they start looking at a map.

We then see a soldier firing a gun.

The group react to the loud sound of the gun.

One of the girls and one of the guys are walking down a dark corridor of the citadel, the guy decides to fake being in jail behind a window with bars.

The girls start playing dress up follow by a fashion show with their new costumes.

There’s a soldier playing the bagpipes in the middle of the citadel and the group dance to the music

Inside a bakery, they order some goodies.

After that, the young adults are running up some stairs.

On top of those stairs, there’s a group of soldiers preparing a cannon for combat.

Follow by the cannon being fire.

The group reacts to the loud sound from the cannon.

An aerial shot from the citadel.

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