Tour guide showing visitors a flag at the Halifax CItadel National Historic Site Taking a tour is a great way to connect with history

As you explore the impressive Halifax Citadel together, your guide shares highlights from the fascinating history of the four successive versions of this fort that have protected Halifax Harbour since 1749.

There is much to absorb and ponder as you are transported back in time to a day in the life of a British soldier and his family, played by members of an historical reenactment group. Eager to share their knowledge, they love to answer your questions, especially ones about the critical role that the Halifax Citadel played in the protection and development of the city, as well as the country we now know as Canada.

Offered in both French and English, guided tours commence at the Visitor Orientation Centre and take between 45-60 minutes. The Halifax Citadel is a wheelchair-accessible site. Guided tours are offered throughout the day from early May until the end of October.