Army Museum Halifax Citadel's 'The Road to Vimy and Beyond' exhibit Army Museum Halifax Citadel's "The Road to Vimy and Beyond" exhibit
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You enter the Army Museum at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, and the discovery begins. Located on the second floor of the Cavalier Building, the Army Museum is a popular attraction at the Halifax Citadel. Exhibits showcase the important contribution Halifax made to Canada’s defence efforts, especially in World Wars I and II.

The Army Museum displays rare and unique military artifacts. Some date back to the days when Halifax was a vital British naval port. Others trace the evolution of Canada’s forces, and the formation of our post-World War II alliances. Together, they tell a story that spans more than 400 years.

The Road to Vimy and Beyond - new!

Vimy Memorial replica
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The Army Museum is featuring a brand new exhibit to mark the First World War Centennial. This exhibit commemorates the service and sacrifice of the soldiers in the First World War, and in particular, highlights the stories of the soldiers from Nova Scotia.

A key element of The Road to Vimy and Beyond is the best replica of the Vimy Memorial* in the world. The replica is the most complete, in terms of size and detail, and is specially lit and interpreted with panels so visitors can learn about its significance and thus the importance of the battle that was fought at Vimy Ridge.

*The Vimy Memorial, a Canadian national memorial, is located in Vimy, France.

About the Museum

Since 1953, the Army Museum at the Halifax Citadel, a private, non-profit institution, has been faithfully preserving and promoting Atlantic Canada's military heritage. The items on display come from a vast collection of more than 70,000 military artifacts. It is a member of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada, operating with the assistance of the Nova Scotia Museum and Parks Canada.

Hours and Admission

The Army Museum is open during the same hours as the Halifax Citadel. Admission to the Army Museum is included with your entry fee to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.


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