The telephone, the airplane, the hydrofoil – the story of Bell’s involvement in these innovative works is featured prominently throughout the site.

However, if you’re curious about the personal life of one of the world’s greatest inventors, take a behind-the-scenes look on our “Parlour” White Glove Tour.

A small group of participants will be taken to one of the site’s artifact storage areas. Here they’ll be offered a rare look into the often overshadowed personal lives of Alexander Graham Bell and his loving wife Mabel. 

See how artifacts, including Bell’s favourite jacket, a personal notebook, and a walking stick with an interesting backstory, are conserved for future generations.

Hear how Parks Canada has continued to protect and preserve the stories and objects that Bell himself felt were essential to an understanding of his life.

Come hold history in the palm of your hand!

30 minutes
Ages 12 and up
Maximum of six people per group