Located in Baddeck and overlooking the same bay where the Silver Dart took flight and the HD-4 hydrofoil set sail, students can explore the mind of inventor Alexander Graham Bell through the world’s largest collection of mementos, photos, and models.

Alexander did not enjoy going to school, but he might have if there were field trips!

We offer a wide variety of programs and activities to appeal to students of all ages from pre-school through high-school. Admission is free for youth (17 and under) as well as group chaperones!

Race the HD-4 virtual reality experience

Things to do

  • Fly a kite while you look across the Bras d’Or Lake – much like Bell and his associates did over one hundred years ago!
  • Explore the amazing scientific inventions that can be traced back to Bell – sound recording, lasers, cell phones, and even airplanes!
  • Imagine what it was like during Bell’s life by participating in a fun role-playing museum tour.
  • Discover the professional and personal side of Bell and his family as an interpreter displays exclusive images from our extensive collection.
  • Build a 3D “flying triangle” tetrahedral kite. A favourite of Dr. Bell’s, the main building of our site is modeled after this shape!
  • Take a selfie in our tetrahedral shelter replica (one of Bell’s favourite places to observe experiments!) or one of our many Parks Canada red chairs.
Girl flying a kite

School Group Pricing for 2019

This year’s visitor season is:
May 17 – October 31
Daily, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All presentations are available in either English or French.
Admission to the site is free for students (17 and under) as well group chaperones.

Pre-school – Grade 2

  • Kite Decorating - $4.90 per student*
    Students decorate and fly a pre-assembled kite that’s theirs to keep
  • Museum Mini-Tour - $3.90 per student*
    Bell’s accomplishments are presented in a fun, age appropriate manner, using museum exhibits and Bell’s Big Book to bring the story to life.
  • Tour & Kite Combo - $7.30 per student*

Grades 3-6

  • Role Playing Museum Tour - $3.90 per student*
    Some students take on the role of AGB and his associates and others will be entertained as everyone discovers the amazing worlds of Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Kite-Making Workshop - $4.90 per student*
    Students can use their creative and inventive skills to construct, decorate, and launch a kite that’s theirs to keep.
  • Tour & Kite Combo - $7.30 per student*

Grades 7-12

  • Museum Tour - $3.90 per student*
    Sound recording, lasers, cell phones, airplanes… all can be traced back to Bell. Students tour the exhibit with a heritage interpreter who will explore the scientific and historic importance of Bell’s work.
  • Slide Show Presentation - $3.90 per student*
    A heritage interpreter will use images from our extensive collection to illustrate the milestones in Bell’s professional and personal life.
  • Tetrahedral Kite-Making Workshop - $9.60 per group of 4 students*
    We’ll provide all the materials your students need to solve the “flying triangle puzzle” as they work in groups of 4 constructing a 3D kite like Dr. Bell’s.

*Pair a workshop with a tour or presentation for a lower combined price of $20.00 for every 4 students.

For more information and to book a time for your class to visit, please contact Valerie Mason (902-295-2069).