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The young Alexander Graham Bell wrote to his fiancé Mabel Hubbard on the night of their engagement:

“I am afraid to fall asleep, lest I should find it all a dream – so I shall lie awake and think of you.”

Alexander Graham Bell was known throughout the world as the inventor of the telephone.

He went on to break ground in the fields of medical science, aviation, and marine engineering.

But instrumental in all of this was the advice, encouragement, and financial assistance of his wife Mabel.

Deaf since the age of five, Mrs. Bell was fluent in three languages, the money manager of the family, and fully involved in all aspects of her husband’s work.

In Alec and I, you’ll learn about his inventions…through her voice.

Alec and Mabel show us how the world can be changed by one’s love for another.

Throughout lives marked by tragedy as well as triumph, they stood side by side, meeting the trials and tribulations of their lives together.

Discover the depth of their love story in this multimedia presentation featuring artifacts, photographs, and stories from more than 45 years spent together.

45 minutes
$7.30 per person