Project Description:

Removing the dome for repairs.
The overall objective of this project is to remove and repair the dome structure atop the historic 1836 Cape Spear lighthouse. Due to continuous exposure to extreme weather conditions, the structure is showing signs of deterioration. The fatigued dome is creating entry points for rain water into the lighthouse. Repairing and restoring the dome will help prevent water damage to the lighthouse as a whole. The dome will be removed, repaired and placed back on the lighthouse once the work is completed. Any wooden components of the lighthouse showing signs of water damage will also be repaired. In addition, the foundation will be repaired and stabilized and the chimney repointed.

This project is expected to begin in June 2018.

Reason for this work:

Parks Canada is rehabilitating the historic Cape Spear lighthouse in order to protect this important cultural resource for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.This project is a part of a multi-year plan to improve infrastructure and enhance visitor experience at Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site. Funding for this work is included in the unprecedented $3 billion federal investment over 5 years to support Parks Canada’s infrastructure, including heritage, tourism, waterway, and highway assets at national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada.


This project will result in a completely rehabilitated dome structure and a stabilized lighthouse building. Specifically, the work will address: building foundation, chimney, light tower interior and exterior, exterior cladding, windows, false windows, doors, lantern and dome and catwalk.

Visitor Impacts:

Visitor and worker safety is a top priority for Parks Canada. The historic 1836 lighthouse and immediate area will be closed and inaccessible to the public during construction. Visitors to Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site are advised to exercise caution, respect all on-site signage and barriers, and to follow instructions from Parks Canada staff or contractors.

Although the historic 1836 lighthouse will be closed during the 2018 season, there is an abundance of other things to do and see at Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site