Signal Hill was designated as a national historic site because "it is importantly associated with Canada's defense and communications history." Overlooking the Narrows - the entrance to St. John's harbour- and crowned by Cabot Tower, Signal Hill National Historic Site is a local, provincial, and national symbol with a wealth of cultural resources and landscape features that reflect its vast history.

With panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, Signal Hill is the most visible and popular attraction in St. John's. You’ll be swept away by seasonal appearances of whales and icebergs.  

In the summer months, there are many guided tours, special events and immersive programs for visitors that celebrate the centuries of military and communications history of the site.

Quick facts

  • Signal Hill has been used for defense since the 17th century, as well as observation and signalling since the early 1700s.
  • Built between 1897 and 1901, the Cabot Tower is the city’s most iconic building and one of Canada’s top landmarks.
  • Marconi’s first transatlantic communication in 1901 was the letter "S" in Morse code and was received at Signal Hill.
  • The Signal Hill Tattoo spans 150 years of Newfoundland’s military history.
  • Signal Hill hiking trails captivate visitors with panoramic views and historic storytelling.