Management Plan

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Executive Summary

Port au Choix National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) is rich in history. Representing more than 5500 years of habitation, the site preserves and protects the rich vestiges of four ancient Aboriginal cultures. The aim of this management plan is to protect the commemorative integrity of Port au Choix NHS. The plan also guides the provision of meaningful learning opportunities so that onsite and offsite visitors may come to appreciate and enjoy the rich cultural and natural values of Port au Choix. Visitors will also understand the significance of this site as a landmark in Canadian history and as a vital component of the system of National Historic Sites in Canada.

This management plan is the product of the efforts of a diverse planning team of community representatives, Aboriginal partners, provincial stakeholders and Parks Canada staff who brought their wealth of experiences, expertise and values to bear on its creation. The planning team members’ sense of ownership developed management actions that would ensure the commemorative integrity of the site and the protection of natural resources.

The management plan outlines long-term strategies to ensure the commemorative integrity of Port au Choix National Historic Site of Canada. The management plan includes direction for:

  • Engaging Canadians through improved heritage presentation that has a broader outreach with students, local communities, and partners.
  • Providing quality site experience resulting from personal connections with cultural resources and settings and interactions with staff to respond to diverse visitor needs and expectations.
  • Addressing management of traditional activities by local residents and commercial fishers.
  • Presenting all messages of national significance.
  • Protecting the natural ecosystem features such as the limestone barrens.
  • Continuing public involvement beyond the management planning process.
  • Implementing new initiatives and activities.

Through ongoing consultations and annual public reviews of the management plan implementation, the planning team will continue to ensure the commemorative integrity of the site and the protection of the site’s natural ecological resources. This plan will be subject to a review process in five years.