Movie Night

Thursday. October 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Showing two movies chosen by audience in attendance. Popcorn and refreshments served. Tickets are free. To reserve a seat, call 709-623-2608.

Smelting Iron for Historic Places Day!

6 juillet 2019

One thousand years ago, Norse explorers became the first Europeans to set foot on the shores of North America. They settled temporarily at L’Anse aux Meadows, in part because of a locally available resource that was crucial to their survival. In the bogs and streams around their houses, they found bog iron ore. The Norse were familiar with this type of ore. They used it in their homelands to make the iron for nails, tools and weapons. When they found available bog ore in Newfoundland, they collected and smelted it into boat nails. This was the first time iron was ever manufactured in the Americas.

On July 6, come and experience a traditional Norse iron smelt in our reconstructed settlement. Interpreters will use period tools and techniques to build a smelting furnace and melt iron ore. Help count time as we pump the bellows once every second for twelve hours. Watch us tap the furnace to drain out the molten glass. Feel the heat radiate from a white hot iron bloom. When else can you rediscover a technology lost for one thousand years?”

The Test of Tykir - Escape Room Launch 

The Test of Tykir is an escape room experience designed by Escape Quest for Parks Canada, and based in the legends of the Vinland Sagas. In this game, you will have 45 minutes to search the Servant’s Hut for clues and solve puzzles in the hopes of finding the Map to the Grapes before your time runs out. Knowledge gained on your visit to L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is sure to give you an edge in this live action interactive adventure! Developing new and innovative programs and services allows more Canadians, including youth and newcomers, to learn about our environment and history.

You are a member of Leif Eriksson’s crew, and you have proven your bravery and your strength on the cold northern seas and in strange new lands. It is your wits, however, that can earn you the respect of your legendary leader, and the good fortune that comes with it.
While further south at Hop, Tykir, the family servant of Leif Eriksson, went missing, but had returned at sunset with an incredible discovery! He had found grapes in the wilds of this strange country, and he alone knows where to find them. Leif has declared that he will share this rare and valuable resource only with those Vikings that prove themselves worthy.
Now that the crew has returned to Straumfjord, Tykir has drawn up a map to the grapes location, and he has locked it away in the Servant’s Hut. The members of this noble crew who can demonstrate a keen eye and sharp mind will be able to retrieve it.
Can you pass The Test of Tykir and take your place at the side of the legendary Leif Eriksson, or will you walk away with the taste of sour grapes in your mouth?