By working in collaboration with respected organizations that share our values, Parks Canada is able to better deliver its promise to Canadians by continuing to be a world leader in the protection and presentation of Canada's natural and cultural heritage. We believe in sharing leadership and working with our partners to offer unique, inspiring opportunities for Canadians to discover our treasured places and to achieve extraordinary results.

We are proud to be formally collaborating with the following partners:

Louis Riel Institute and Manitoba Metis Federation

The Louis Riel Institute is mandated by the Manitoba Metis Federation as the authority responsible for Métis education and culture in Manitoba. The Louis Riel Institute advances the education of Métis people, and is responsible for promoting the values, culture, heritage and history of Métis in Manitoba.

Parks Canada, in collaboration with the Louis Riel Institute (Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.) and other Métis organizations in Manitoba, has created Stories from Riel House, a portable display to promote awareness and understanding of Riel House National Historic Site and the Métis stories told there. Parks Canada and the Louis Riel Institute have partnered to make the display available, for educational purposes, to interested organizations (e.g. schools, libraries, community centres, festivals and museums) in communities throughout Manitoba. Both Parks Canada and the Louis Riel Institute will also use the display for their respective organization’s outreach education programs.

Manitoba Master Gardener Association


The Master Gardener program is an international certification program that provides training in horticultural basics through accredited universities or colleges. The interns and certified gardeners impart their gardening knowledge to the public through volunteer activities in their communities. In Manitoba, the program is offered through Assiniboine Community College with Master Gardeners in Training and Certified Master Gardeners volunteering in communities throughout southern Manitoba.

Parks Canada and the Manitoba Master Gardener Association (MMGA) are working together to establish, maintain and cultivate the garden landscapes at Riel House National Historic Site (NHS). This includes: researching and showcasing historically accurate vegetables, herbs and flowers that reflect the important link to the lifestyle of Métis families, such as the Riels, who settled in the traditional river lot pattern along the Red River, as well as providing opportunities for interpretation and education activities related to the garden landscape. The Riel House NHS garden project provides the opportunity for MMGA certification candidates to volunteer at a Parks Canada national historic site in order to meet the requirements for Master Gardener certification.