Highlights from the collection

Riel House National Historic Site is located in the St. Vital area in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The house and yard are commemorated because of their connection to Louis Riel (1844-1885) and Métis history in Manitoba. Though Louis Riel himself never lived in the house, after he was hanged for high treason his body lay in state in the living room for two days in December 1885. The Riel-Lagimodière family moved there in 1864 and descendants of the Riel family lived there until 1969. The plot of land, which was originally a long narrow strip reaching the Red River, also commemorates the history of Métis river lots.

There are 846 artifacts on site at Riel House, and these together with the help of historical interpreters, offer visitors a chance to experience life as it was for the Riel-Lagimodière Family in 1886.