Stone walls of Prince of Wales Fort stand starkly silhouetted on a point into Hudson Bay at the mouth of Northern Manitoba’s Churchill River. Built between 1731 and 1771 by the Hudson’s Bay Company during times of English/French conflict, the National Historic Site includes nearby Cape Merry Battery and the winter harbour of Sloop Cove.

The Fort is a short boat shuttle across the river mouth from the community of Churchill. Explore the stone ramparts, walk amid cannons and visit the remains of the powder magazine.

In summer, polar bears awaiting the bay’s fall freeze-up wander the shorelines while the waters teem with beluga whales. Seabirds and arctic hares are common sights amid a landscape of tundra wildflowers.

Travel into the past for a day at Prince of Wales Fort, experiencing the adventurous, diverse history of the Hudson's Bay Company and the 18th century fur trade that founded Canada.