In July and August 2019, the Prince of Wales Fort will not be accessible by wheelchair or by individuals with mobility issues due to reconstruction of the front entrance. For more information, please contact Parks Canada directly at 204 675-8863.

Availability: July and August, dependent on weather

Follow wooden boardwalks across tundra ablaze with purple fireweed towards the remote, wind-swept stone ruins of an early 18th century Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade fortress. Old British cannon mounted atop the massive stone parapets point in all directions as they once did – across the land and sea where passing beluga whales stand out starkly white against a grey Hudson Bay.

Join a guided tour of the multi-level fortification where reconstruction and archaeological digs are ongoing projects. Visit the remains of the powder magazine, learning about the conflicts between the British and French. The eloquently carved signatures of historic people who passed through the rampart walls bring the stones to life, transporting you back to an exciting and adventurous time in Canada’s founding days.

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For more information, contact the Parks Canada office in Churchill at tel: 204-675-8863 or email

Please note: Parks Canada DOES NOT provide transportation to the site.