What is included with the venue rental?

With the rental of either a ceremony or reception location, all of your guests receive free entrance onto the historic grounds and there is no additional charge for wedding photos. Additionally, we will provide all indoor chairs and tables (for up to 100 people).

Are there restrictions as to where a wedding ceremony or reception may occur?

There are no restrictions as to the location for outdoor ceremonies, so long as our regular visitors continue to have access to the historic buildings. With the exception of rooms in the Visitor Centre and the Warehouse, the interior of historic buildings can only be used during our off-season or after hours during our regular operating season. The primary location restrictions for outdoor receptions is access to electrical power and proximity to washroom facilities, for this reason the majority of tent receptions are located east of the picnic shelter, close to the Visitor Centre.

Do you provide a tent for a reception?

If you wish to have your event on the historic grounds, you are responsible for acquiring and setting up your own tent. We can provide you with a list of tent rental companies in the area.

Do you provide tables and chairs for receptions and ceremonies?

We provide tables and chairs for any indoor receptions and/or ceremonies, for up to 100 people. You are responsible for any chairs and tables that you may want for an outdoor ceremony or reception. We will provide a small table and chair for the registry signing during either an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

What happens if it rains?

In case of rain, outdoor ceremonies may be moved into either the multi-purpose room or the theatre for no additional charge. Outdoor receptions can only be moved indoors if: there are fewer than 138 guests; no other events have been booked for the multi-purpose room; and 24 hours notice is given.

Can alcohol be served at a reception?

Yes, our facilities are licensed. You will be required to obtain an Occasional Permit, and the appropriate liability insurance.

Can I throw rose petals at the ceremony?

Yes you may, but they must be removed immediately following the ceremony. There will be an additional fee added to your bill for clean up if you do not arrange this yourself, please discuss your plans for the ceremony site with the Events and Venues Coordinator.

Are there restrictions on what can be thrown at the bride and groom?

Yes, we allow bubbles – but nothing that will litter the ground (including bird seed or biodegradable confetti).

Are there any restrictions on the type of decorations that can be used?

You are welcome to use decorations at the ceremony and reception sites that do not damage or mar any of the buildings or walls. Thus, you may not use nails, tape or other adhesives – but you may tie decorations to pillars and gates or use the Stick-Tak on interior walls in the Visitor Centre.

Are there any musical restrictions?

The Big House and the Picnic Shelter, as well as the Multi-purpose Room have sufficient electricity to supply most choices of music (portable CD player, live musicians, etc.), however, other outdoor venues will require long extension cords to reach an electrical source. All entertainment outside may need to have the volume reduced at 11 p.m. to comply with the RM of St. Andrews noise by-law.

How long can the reception last?

The reception can last until 1 a.m., at which point the Visitor Centre will close. It is possible to extend beyond this time for an additional daily rental fee, however, no alcohol can be served after 1 a.m.

Is there a place where I can change prior to the ceremony?

Yes, we have a room in the Visitor Centre that can be put aside for the bride to change into her wedding gown or simply to wait until the ceremony is about to start. There is also a separate room where the groom can get changed if needed.

How will I get to my ceremony location?

We can either shuttle you to your ceremony with one of our vehicles or you may be driven out. However, the car that drops you off must be removed immediately and parked in a designated spot.

How will my guests know where to go?

As guests arrive in the Visitor Centre, staff will direct them to the appropriate venue. It is also possible to plant small signs, but they must be removed immediately following the event.

I want my ceremony to be on the historic grounds. How will my guests get to the ceremony location?

All guests are required to park in our parking lot adjacent to the Visitor Centre. Your guests have the option of walking through the grounds to your event or they can catch one of the frequent shuttles that will run between the parking lot and your ceremony location both before and after your event. There is no additional fee for this service.

Is smoking permitted at the site?

There are designated smoking areas on both the historic and non-historic grounds. No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings. For tented receptions, or receptions in the multi-purpose room of the Visitor Centre, you are required to provide your guests with ashtrays immediately outside of your tent or in the solar patio off of the multi-purpose room. There will be an additional fee added to your bill for clean up if a large number of cigarette butts are found on the grounds.

Will there be another ceremony/reception on your site at the same time as mine?

Only one reception per day is permitted on the grounds. We will allow up to two (2) wedding ceremonies to occur on the site, so long as: they are separated geographically (one on the historic grounds, the other in the picnic shelter area); or they are at least three hours apart if they are to occur at the same location.

Can my pet be part of my wedding ceremony?

Yes, as long as it is kept on a maximum three (3) metre leash at all times.