Stone fort treaty

Asini waa ka’igan

Shaking hands in front of the Big House at Lower Fort Garry Working together

At this sacred place, the Crown, Anishinaabe, and Muskegon Cree negotiated and made Treaty No. 1 in 1871. This program provides students with active and participatory experiences surrounding different perspectives of treaty making.

Respecting the spirit and intent of negotiation, students gain a profound understanding of an important historical and contemporary relationship and issue.

Length: Two (2) hours


Prejudice and bias in Red River (9–12)

The governor and the storekeeper The governor and the storekeeper

Your students are invited to take part in Red River society; at the start of the activity, students will be assigned class, race, and gender roles. With a costumed interpreter as their guide, the group will then visit various homes and establishments around the Fort, experiencing different welcomes. Students will quickly learn the effects of prejudice and bias on 19th-century society, as well as the importance of questioning stereotypes today.

Length: Two (2) hours