Come trek around The Forks on a pair of heritage snowshoes! This season, you can step into a pair of heritage snowshoes and experience winter the way people have for centuries.

When can I rent heritage snowshoes?

Rentals are available on Sundays from 1 - 4 pm from January 6 until February 24, 2019.

How much is it to rent a pair of heritage snowshoes?

Only $5 per pair.

Where can I rent heritage snowshoes?

Parks Canada heritage snowshoes can be picked up at the Travel Manitoba Visitor Information Centre (21 Forks Market Road).

How do I wear heritage snowshoes?

Step one:

Place your foot on the snowshoe with your toes over the opening.

Step two:

Tie the ropes tightly around your ankle, and if you have enough length in the strap, tie the straps back around to the front of your ankle and secure tightly.

Step three:

Trek through the snow, snap a photo, and share with your friends!