The Commemoration Café will be closing on August 25. The site will remain open until September 2.

Relax and enjoy a delicious lunch at Commemoration Café on the southern shores of Stuart Lake. Feast your eyes on one of the most spectacular views in British Columbia at the same time. 

Open daily throughout the summer season for snacks, lunch and more.

Check our delicious menu!

Fur traders beef stew and fresh cornbread
In the early years of the Fort the HBC employees and their sled dogs ate the same thing every day for breakfast lunch and dinner, all winter long dried salmon. The first cattle arrived in the mid eighteen hundreds. We’re pretty sure the fur traders would have done backflips for this savory stew $10.95

Mr. Murray’s chili and fresh cornbread
This is the best chili you ever ate or your money back!
Choose spicy or mild $10.95

Vegetarian delights
Maple syrup baked beans with coleslaw and cornbread $8.95
Chana Masala (spicy chick peas) with corn or flour tortillas $8.95
Butternut squash soup with coleslaw and cornbread $8.95
Vegetarian chilli $10.95

Chief Kw’eh dream salmon
The famous Chief Kw’eh (now a person of national historic significance) was known as the salmon dreamer. This elegant dish is in his honor. This 7 ounce wild salmon fillet is poached in lemon, herbs and butter and is served on a bed of rice with coleslaw. $14.95

Dan Harmon’s rack of ribs
Daniel Harmon first planted barley in 1811 at the Fort. It took many more years of agriculture before pigs were able to survive here. These barbequed then slow roasted baby back ribs are our celebration of their arrival. Served with our own special barbecue sauces. Thanks to Dan for getting it all started. This dish is served with a side of maple baked beans and coleslaw.
Choose Carolina Honey or Kansas City Hot $21.95

Beef dip sandwich
Try our delectable beef dip sandwich. Slow roasted beef thinly sliced on fresh homemade hoagie buns with a hint of butter and garlic. To the side, a tasty au jus for your dipping pleasure. This dish is served with coleslaw. $9.95

Sanchez’s trail taco
Sanchez was a packer from Mexico. He and his pack train hands often spent the night in the Men’s House while on route to other posts. We can imagine Sanchez getting up early and making tacos for breakfast with some extra for lunch. Our salute to Mexico, these tasty beef tacos are rolled up in our corn or homemade flour tortillas and served with sour cream and salsa.
Choose spicy or mild $9.95

Salmon Burger
Homemade Salmon Patty and bun with lettuce and chipotle mayo served with coleslaw and dill pickle garnish $8.95

Beans with bacon $8.95

Slice of homemade apple pie $4.00
Pie a la mode $6.00
Dish of homemade Ice cream $4.00
Cinnamon bun $3.00
Gingersnap $1.00

Bottomless beverages
Coffee $2.00
Tea $2.00
Hot chocolate $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00
Gingerade $2.00