Glimpse the Hudson’s Bay Company flag flying over Fort St. James and feel more than a century melt away. Live, work and savour life as it was among the legendary fur traders and First Nations people who bartered here in 1896. See livestock grazing in a fenced pasture. Watch heritage chickens race on a custom-built track. Sleep over at Murray House and explore 19th century history after hours by flashlight.


  • ​Take the “Escape the Fort'' challenge

    Can you make it out of New Caledonia alive? Search the entire fort grounds with clues like “where is A.C. Murray now?” Hit the bullseye and play a game of graces.

  • World-class chicken racing

    Flock to the famous chicken races held daily on a special track in a lakefront field at Fort St. James. Bet your chicken bucks on a top-flight bird and get pinned with a winner’s button.

  • ​Spend the night in 1896

    Sleep in the historic home of the fort’s former chief factor, just as it was in 1896, down to the bedding, wood stove and chamber pot. Enjoy after-hours free rein of the fort.

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