Jimmy goes home

The story Jimmy Goes Home, written by Susan Dobbie, follows a fictitious character, a young boy of mixed ancestry, as he and his family travel from a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post in Northern BC to another in Southern BC. The story is based on the history of Hudson’s Bay Company activities west of the Rocky Mountains in the 1850s, but much of the historical background of this story is applicable to the fur trade across North America.

The following lesson plans are designed to help students gain a better understanding of Aboriginal and European contributions to the development of Canada. Comprehension questions draw out some of the pertinent points of the story; a mapping exercise helps students with a spatial representation of the story, and a journal writing exercise gives students a chance to creatively empathize with the characters of the story. Additional activities contrast two different types of Aboriginal housing as well as compare bartering to a monetary system of exchange. The story and lesson plans are aimed at grades 4 through 6 and can be used as an integrated unit that incorporates Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies.

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