Camping & RVing BC Coalition

Camping and RVing BC is a coalition of partners that manage or represent over 1,700 campgrounds throughout British Columbia. The coalition provides planning information to help travellers locate RV rentals and unique campsites, make reservations, seek out attractions and find things to do. In addition to Camping and RVing at Parks Canada places throughout BC, the coalition includes provincial campgrounds (BC Parks), privately operated campgrounds and RV parks (including municipal campgrounds) and Recreation Sites and Trails BC (operated by the provincial government). British Columbia’s vast mountain ranges, miles of beaches, sparkling lakes, flowing rivers and lush, green forests offer the ultimate camping and RVing experience.

Simgiget’m Gitwangak Society

The Simgiget’m Gitwangak Society is comprised of Gitwangak Simgiget (Hereditary Chiefs) from the Gitwangak Lax Skiik (Eagle Clan), Lax Gibuu (Wolf Clan) and Ganeda (Raven/ Frog Clan). The society was established in 2016 and is responsible for management of all lands, waters and resources within Gitwangak Laxyip (traditional territories) of the Gitwangak people.

Parks Canada meets annually with the Simgiget’m Gitwangak Society to seek input on work plans that will achieve the objectives of the management statement for the historic site. Parks Canada works with Simgiget’m Gitwangak Society to ensure the site and its facilities are safe, clean and welcoming during the visitor season.