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Booking a school program 


To book a school program, call 250-478-5849 or contact us via email at pc.fortrodd.pc@canada.ca.

School program season: September to June.

Have the following information ready when you call:

  • Name of Program
  • Dates and times you would like to attend
  • Number of students and adult chaperones
  • Address, postal code, email address, phone and fax numbers of the school
  • Request service in English, French or a mix of both languages

Programs also available in French

  • Students from francophone schools or French immersion programs can benefit from our bilingual interpreters. Don’t hesitate to request a guided tour “en français.”


Number of participants* Per person Number of programs delivered Total program time Total amount charged**
30 persons $2.40 1 1 hour $2.40 x 30 persons x 1 hour = $72.00
20 persons $3.90 1 1 hour $3.90 x 20 persons x 1 hour = $78.10
10 persons $7.30 1 1 hour $7.30 x 10 persons x 1 hour = $73.00

*For additional options, or larger group sizes, please contact us for a quote.

**Program fee only, does not include admission (free for children 17 and under).


Groups can pay by cash, Interac (debit card), Visa, MasterCard, or institutional cheque payable to “Receiver-General for Canada.”

Fees are subject to change.