The exhibits in the Visitor Centre showcase the culture and history of Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site and that of the fur trade. An important animal was the Plains Bison, having once lived in the area’s great plains, foothills, and mountains

Exhibit highlights include an interactive display about the reintroduction of wild bison to the region’s mountains in nearby Banff National Park, and their impacts on the landscape. Get a view into Banff’s backcountry, where wild bison roam once more.

In 2017, bison were reintroduced to Banff National Park as part of a 5-year pilot project to protect their future. Bison help keep ecosystems healthy. As a keystone species, bison are “ecological engineers” that shape the landscape around them. Restoring bison to the park benefits many animals, from bugs to bears.

In this exhibit, you will discover Banff's bison story and the landmark project to restore them. Visitors to Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site also have the unique opportunity of viewing the site’s small herd of bison, a significant animal in Rocky Mountain House’s past and present. The bison at the site originate from Elk Island National Parks renowned bison transfer program. The continued preservation of bison is one of Parks Canada’s greatest success stories.