These daily activities are free with site entry. Ask staff for timing and locations. 

Visitor Centre 

Artifacts, a replica fur trade room, exhibits and a 3D Virtual Reality Experience. Journey back to Rocky Mountain House when it was a bustling fur trade post. 

Play Fort and Theatre

A mini fort where kids can play games, imagine life as a fur trader, and watch a daily puppet show about extreme adventurer David Thompson.

Blacksmith Station 

Listen for the elemental sound of hammer striking anvil. Enjoy daily demonstrations at the hardware store of the 1800s. 

Women of the Fur Trade 

Demonstrations and hands-on activities in beading, quill work, capote-making, finger weaving, leather work and other Indigenous crafts.

Listening Stations 

The wooden structures on the riverbank are interpretive story stations. They also mark the start and finish of the Chimney Trail and the David Thompson Trail. Audio in English and French. 


Catch a glimpse of the small herd of Plains Bison, animals that originally came from Elk Island National Park, where most of the world’s purebred Plains Bison originate. Please note: these are wild animals; do not enter the bison paddock. 

Trading Post Gift Shop 

Local and Indigenous crafts, books, furs, Hudson Bay blankets, blacksmithing items and other souvenirs. 

Kids Activity Books 

Ask at the Visitor Centre for a Parks Canada Xplorers Guide with activities for children aged 9-12 years old. For younger kids, pick up the Parka Activity Booklet, for children aged 4-8. 

Métis Campfire 

Experience Métis culture, taste bannock cooked over an open fire or play a traditional game.

York boat 

Hop in the York boat and prepare to row across four provinces to Hudson's Bay. These boats were built right here at Rocky Mountain House to make the long journey down river loaded with furs and goods destined for England.

York Boat 1967 Canoe Race display

1967 Canoe Race display 

An amazing group of men from across Canada developed and participated in a 5000 km canoe race from Rocky Mountain House to Montreal. The pageant celebrated Canada's 1967 centennial and the lives of the voyageurs. See the exhibit and the actual Alberta race canoe at the historic site.

Red River Cart 

The squeaks and squeals of the wheels of the Red River Cart became well recognized in this area. They became a major method of transportation especially for the Métis people.

Open your senses to more… 

The longer you stay, the greater your chance of experiencing more ways this place is special. Perhaps you will witness an Indigenous elder leading a sacred teaching or stoking the fire for a sweat lodge. Or an archaeologist will unearth an ancient artifact. Coyotes yip while the full moon rises over the river. Stay awhile, let Rocky surprise you.