Dive deeper into the past and the stories of this place. Book a hands-on experience for yourself, your family or group. All supplies are included in the program fee. Programs or workshops are of varying length and can be customized or bundled to suit your needs. For more information and to make a booking call 403-845-2412. 

Traditional Games 

Indigenous games teach essential skills like observation, intuition and hand-eye coordination. A great workshop for youth groups, or as a team-building exercise. (Max. 20 people)

Hides to Heels - Moccasin Making

Learn about the traditional techniques and tools that were used to gather and prepare an animal hide. Make your own woolen moccasins through step by step instruction and take them home with you. (Min. 15 people/Max. 55 people)

Dream Catcher Workshop

Learn the traditions around this Indigenous custom and create your own beautiful dream catcher to take home. (Max. 25 people) 

Drum and Song

Gather around the campfire with a local Indigenous drummer, dancer or story teller. Have an open dialogue in this informal educational opportunity, as well as a chance to share in an authentic cultural experience. (Max. 25 people) 


Create your own bannock then cook it over the open fire. (Max. 25 people) 

Capote Making

Watch how a Hudson’s Bay blanket is transformed into a beautiful and functional capote coat. Use leftover scraps from the blanket to make your own colourful wool handbag. (Max. 10 people) 

Métis Crafts 

Hands-on traditional crafts including beading, finger weaving, quill work, and/or doll making. Add beads to your capote handbag, make a bracelet from finger-weaving or wolf willow seeds. (Max. 25 people) 


Crank the bellows to a red hot fire. Work alongside a trained blacksmith to create a beautiful candlestick holder, dinner triangle, or hook. (Max. 10 people) 

Candle Making 

Make a traditional candle from beeswax. (Max. 10 people)

Black Powder – A Real Blast!

Watch and learn how hunting tools and weapons evolved from throwing knives to flint lock guns to the cannon. Try your hand at throwing, firing, and even cannon blasting. (Max. 25 people)

Educational Programs

Every educational program at Rocky Mountain House presents our commemorative integrity themes with direct links to the Alberta Education Social Studies Curriculum. Programs are also offered in French or as outreach programs and are open to home-schoolers. Please contact us at 403.845.2412 or rocky.info@pc.gc.ca to book a program or for a detailed list of curriculum links. 

David Thompson Explorers Challenge

[Grades: 7 & 8 / Length: 3 hours / 1 interpreter per 20 students max.]
This program brings history into a present day explorer challenge, similar to that of a survivor game. Lead by a “coach” the students become a team on the first day of training. The team’s goal is to successfully complete eight training events. All events are based on challenges David Thompson himself faced 200 years ago. Cooperation, teamwork and team spirit are essential to the successful completion of all events!


[Grades: 4 & 5 / Length: 2.5 hours / 2 to 5 interpreters; 25 students per interpreter max.]
Students re-create history as members of the Hudson’s Bay Company, North West Company or an Aboriginal trading party. They explore the cultural heritage, language and perspectives of these groups through role-play, historic objects and archaeological sites. Interactions between groups on the trail build up the rivalry and students acquire the skills and knowledge to take ownership of the program for the final trade ceremony. A surprise awaits everyone at the end! Due to a drastic change for all trading parties each group must decide its own course of action – To trade or not to trade?

Voices of the Fur Trade 

[Grades: 1 & 2 / Length: 1.5-2 hours / 1 interpreter per 20 students max.]
Students explore characteristic of people and places 200 years ago at Rocky Mountain House through the voices of a Piikani community. This program offers insight on cultural diversity, human geography and physical geography during 76 years of trade at Rocky Mountain House. The program highlights historic communication methods, with an emphasis on oral traditions, and to finish off the program students trade for a “medicine wheel” bracelet beading kit.