Trailhead: At the parking lot of the Cave & Basin National Historic Site.

Cave and Basin Trail: Upper Boardwalk 
Walk along the 0.4 km Upper Boardwalk above the bathing pavilion to see the cave vent and the location of the former Hotel. View the two smaller springs bubbling from the mountainside and the pools filled with pink bacteria, white and green algae, small fish, and insects.

Cave and Basin Trail: Lower Boardwalk
Explore the 0.5 km Lower Boardwalk below the building to find out more about the natural history of this area. Look for the fish and bird life that live in the wetlands below.

Sundance Trail / Sundance Canyon
Follow the paved trail beyond the Cave and Basin and within a few minutes of easy walking, views open up to a mountain panorama across the Bow River. After a steady climb away from the river, the paved section ends and a moderately difficult trail loops through a water-filled canyon. 3.9 km to end of easy paved path, plus a moderate 1.6 km loop through canyon.

Marsh Loop
Marsh Loop is an enjoyable 2.8 km trail that encircles a wetland filled by water from hot springs flowing out of the lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain. The unique environment is best observed below the Cave and Basin, where exotic plant species such as orchids thrive.