Bar U Ranch: Where Ranching History Comes Alive


It all started with the grass; the allure of grazing your cows in belly-high pastures on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains.

And soon over 30000 cattle were grazing the over 160000 acres of unfenced grassland.

It was a hard life, a life with simple ways of doing things, but a free life as well.

And that’s the life that we celebrate here.

The Bar U Ranch is the only site within Parks Canada that celebrates the cowboy way of life;

a lifestyle that shaped the history of western Canada and the world.

So come on down and take a wagon ride on the Percheron horses;

the Bar U was once home to the largest herd in the world of these gentle giants.

Come to the cookhouse and have traditional baking prepared before your eyes.

Watch a leatherworker repair harnesses and tack still used on the ranch today;

or a blacksmith fabricating everyday ranch items.

Check out the old barns and try your hand at roping,

And stop by round-up camp and learn about a rich tradition through great yarns with cowboy coffee and bannock.

Experience history, a history that lives on in all of us, a history we want to share with you.