The Bar U Ranch has three excellent walking trails, perfect for exploring the site at your own pace. Enjoy the iconic buildings, stunning landscape and natural features that help tell the story of the Bar U and ranching history across Canada.

Riparian Trail

A trail goes past a tipi next to the river
The Riparian Trail loops around the Stoney Nakoda tipi camp by Pekisko Creek

Step back in time to the days before the fences. Walk or get a Percheron horse wagon ride from the visitor centre into the ranch’s historic core, crossing the Pekisko Creek bridge to an area of the site representing the rangelands that attracted the ranching industry more than 100 years ago.

Start off at Roundup Camp by sitting around the fire and hearing tales about the days before the fences. Then, follow our Riparian Trail along the creek through old cottonwood stands that are home to wildlife such as deer, hawks, geese and trout.

Discover the Slaughter House and see the historic corrals that welcomed the cattle when they were brought in from the range to ranch headquarters.

The trail winds its way past a new Stoney Nakoda tipi camp by Pekisko Creek, before circling back through the cottonwoods, past Roundup Camp and ends overlooking the creek where you will find two of our Red Chairs - the perfect place to snap some photos and enjoy a river-side picnic!

Viewpoint Trail

A viewpoint with two red chairs
The Viewpoint Trail offers incredible sights of Alberta's foothills

A perfect introduction to the Bar U Ranch. The Viewpoint Trail starts parallel to our visitor centre, just inside the historic headquarters of the ranch. It follows a ridge past a picnic area with a set of Red Chairs and ends high above Pekisko Creek, with vistas of the prairies to the east and majestic Rocky Mountains to the west. An iconic Canadian landscape!

Pekisko Creek Trail

A trail marker showing which way to go
Follow the markers as the Pekisko Creek Trail passes through cottonwood stands, pastures, cultivated fields and native grassland remnants

Mountain biking is allowed on the Pekisko Creek Trail.

This new 3 km loop trail provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the Bar U Ranch outside of its historic core.

The trail starts in the Pekisko Creek valley, winding through mature cottonwood stands that line the edge of the creek. The valley is not only the home to fish, deer and birds, but also our herd of cattle that were once the mainstay of this historic ranch.

Get glimpses of the transformation of the Bar U Ranch - from open range to managed livestock stewardship. See our historic Hog Barn, Boar Shed and former Bunkhouse, which ended up as a self-feeder for cattle. Look out for the lone gate that once served an intensive corral system.

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the living ranch as the trail passes through pastures, cultivated fields, native grassland remnants, and experience that classic Rocky Mountain Foothills view!

Cattle at large

Use caution on the Pekisko Creek Trail as there may be cows grazing in the area:

  • Avoid startling the cows with sudden movement or loud noises. If cycling, ride in control and make noise periodically
  • Keep your distance from cows: 30 meters is recommended for most animals. Never approach or feed a cow, other animals or wildlife
  • If cows are blocking the trail, approach them slowly and allow them to move away
  • Watch your step: you may encounter manure on the path