6. Summary of the Environmental Assessment

6.1 Context

The Management Plan for Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site of Canada has undergone a strategic environmental assessment according to the Cabinet Directive entitled Environmental Assessment Process for Policy and Program Proposals. This federal environmental assessment process is a self-evaluation mechanism used by federal departments and agencies to determine, assess and mitigate, in a general way, the environmental impacts of projects and activities they plan to undertake. In accordance with Parks Canada’s Management Directive 2.4.2 on impact assessment, the scope of these environmental assessments extends to cultural resources, so that all the components subject to the assessment are included in the same report. The environmental assessment of this management plan is presented in a separate document entitledÉvaluation environnementale stratégique du plan directeur du lieu historique national du Canada du Canal-de-Saint-Ours (Strategic environmental assessment of the management plan for Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site of Canada). The following sections provide a summary of this document.

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