5. Presentation

5.3 Navigable Way

The canal will continue to be used as it is at this time, for pleasure boating, cruises, or excursions, as well as additional activities that comply with Parks Canada objectives and the historic character of the site.

As part of efforts dedicated to presenting the Saint-Ours Canal, pleasure boating and other aquatic activities must be reconciled with the principles of cultural resource management. Use of the canal must respect the historic integrity of the existing facilities and remain compatible with presentation of the same; they must also comply with safety and efficiency requirements.

At some point, private sector partners offering theme cruises that highlight the history of the canal and the region will greatly add to the drawing power of the canal.

The rental of certain kinds of recreational boats, a service provided by third parties, could be considered. However, the kind of boat available for rent should not become a source of problems for, or conflicts with, canal users. The use of recreational rental boats must be controlled and will be forbidden at lockside. The rental of personal watercraft (PWC, or “jet skis”) will not be permitted; likewise, water-skiing or swimming will continue to be forbidden within canal limits.

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