4. Issues and Strategic Directions

4.2 Strategic Directions

4.2.3 Communicating heritage messages and values of the site

Key Considerations

Awareness of the Saint-Ours Canal’s heritage value among pleasure boaters is fostered through the involvement of the lock-masters, while shoreside visitors become acquainted with the canal’s history by looking at various outdoor information panels and visiting a thematic exhibition in the superintendent’s house.

For the most part, visitors perceive Saint-Ours Canal as a green area/water area where it is pleasant to watch the boats go through the lock and to have a picnic. The experience is usually one of recreational activity, and awareness of the canal’s history is not en­couraged by the setting or by cultural events that might help visitors understand the meaning of the place.


  • Design and offer a visit experience in keeping with the particular character of the site, while also taking steps to ensure it fits into the system of national historic sites of Canada.

  • Present messages of national historic significance to visitors in such a way that they clearly understand them.

  • Foster an understanding of the links that connect the site’s cultural resources, history and national significance.

  • Implement methods and instruments of evaluation to determine the effectiveness with which messages are conveyed.

  • Enrich visitors’ experience by the possible uncovering of the remains and artifacts related to the two periods of canal-building.

  • Upgrade the training given to the lockmasters so that they can better communicate the history of the canal.

  • Develop, with the help of outside resource people and groups, the cultural programming on the site by means of periodic activities and events that have a heritage character and that therefore serve as support for the interpretation efforts.

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