4. Issues and Strategic Directions

4.2 Strategic Directions

4.2.2 Preserving and presenting cultural resources

Key Considerations

The development of a heritage experience at the Saint-Ours Canal can table on its direct link with the Chemin des Patriotes, and clearly fits in with the recreational tourism concepts already under development, such as the Valley of the Forts and the Heritage River. The Saint-Ours Canal also fits into the Montérégie museum network.

Resources related to the second canal system are in excellent condition, while those related to the first consist only of the remains of the first lock, whose condition is still unknown. However, the buildings of historic interest, such as the superintendent’s house and the stone shed, are in need of restoration. The condition of the remains of buildings no longer standing is unknown. Furthermore, no archaeological digs have been undertaken on the site or in the river.

The cultural resources can be grouped around two main cores: firstly, the remains of the first lock and the old mill, and secondly, the superintendent’s house and the presumed remains of its outbuildings. The development of the first category is constrained by existing parking, storage, and traffic considerations as well as by recreational use, such as the launch ramp.


  • Generally speaking, protect existing cultural resources according to the principles and practice of the Cultural Resource Management Policy.

  • Establish conservation and maintenance programs for the engineering works related to the two canal systems and to the administrative, operations and residential buildings.

  • Highlight the historic nature of the site, preserving and presenting its most significant cultural features.

  • Undertake a study of the site’s archaeological potential, ensuring that the physical integrity of the remains is protected and that the presence of such remains is communicated to the public.

  • Establish the Saint-Ours Canal as a key element of the Heritage River and as an integral part of the Montérégie museum network.

  • Repair the superintendent’s house and re-establish its architectural integrity.

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