2. Commemorative Integrity of the Site

2.3 Resources Symbolizing or Characterizing the National Significance of the Site

Parks Canada ascribes great importance to the cultural resources whose historic value has motivated the designation of a site as being of national significance. In general, such resources are related to the commemorative intent and are said to be “level 1 resources,” according to the Cultural Resource Management Policy9

The resources related to the commemorative intent in a national historic site can be quite diverse. They may be elements in the landscape, engineering structures, old buildings, archaeological remains, objects, etc. However, in the case of the Saint-Ours Canal, the existing resources cannot be considered to be of national historic significance, since in 1987 they were not explicitly designated as such in the reports produced by the Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

9 Cultural Resource Management Policy, paragraph 2.2.1.

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